In February 2021, Kampov Technology successfully introduced a training VR simulator that it developed for the large energy company DTEK.

A team of Kampov Technology specialists has developed a VR training simulator. The order was carried out in the interests of the large energy company DTEK Seti, which required a training program for its employees.
This simulator allows you to quickly and efficiently train young professionals, and also helps to improve the qualifications of electricians on duty of various categories to the desired level.
The VR simulator reproduces an exact replica of a typical 110 kV Yalta substation of DTEK Donetsk Grids, and provides real-time training, interactivity and full immersion in virtual reality.
The user can move around the substation and interact with the equipment according to the training scenario, perform complex operations, while training is carried out at a hazardous production facility without any risks to life. We study in the virtual world - we work without mistakes and injuries!
Such training allows you to quickly, efficiently and safely train workers, as well as save resources by reducing the cost of personnel who provide training, and without having to stop production.